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Freelance SEO

Freelance SEO Consultant based in Edinburgh, UK with experience of helping with Local SEO & Small Business SEO. Organic and tailor-made SEO services to achieve a good ranking on search engines. Your project in English, Spanish or Catalán. Ask for free advice. 

Marketing Strategist

Marketing Strategist offering integral service for small business in the United Kingdom and Spain. Website creation from scrath, best organic search results and Social Media development. Specialized in restaurants, gourmet products, wines | Spanish market development in the United Kingdom.


Web Designer

Looking for a web designer | web developer? I can build your website or your Ecommerce website with professional eCommerce software, so that your customers can buy from you with ease. I am a freelance specialized in gastromarketing and marketing online for restaurants and delicatessen businesses.

SEO Consultant

I am Enrique, a Freelance SEO Consultant in Edinburgh and I am very glad you have arrived to my web. If you need a new website, someone to rebuild your existing web, creating an online shop, use a blog to market your business or any other thing, this is your place. Sometimes it is very difficult to know what is best for your business and you are very welcome to ask me for free online advice or even if you prefer a face-to-face visit, we will discuss the best options for you having a nice tea or coffee.

Web Design

Web Design and SEO Freelance in Edinburgh for Small Business. Building up, optimizing and developing bespoke websites and Social Media Solutions. As a web designer I develop bespoke websites because I consider is the first step for building online presence. However, even that a bespoke website requires a lot of work, it doesn’t have to mean expensive. Once the web is been created, the following step would be to optimize the website for search engine use – SEO – When the website and SEO are ready the networking will start on the online channels to spread relevant information about your business: events, offers, new products, services, promotions, etc. The website and it’s Social Media networks are the two main windows into the business and is very important to create them to fully meet their objectives.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy is really important nowadays: online strategy, profitable website and internet marketing will be the three key factors to boost your business online and they should be the foundation of the online investment. If we want to be successful in internet, our bussines need a tailored Marketing Strategy. Whether you are thinking in a new website or replace the existing web is very important to pass a SEO – Search Engine Optimization – analysis to check the technical issues, usability, content, SEO elements and Social Media influence. Once all this information is correct and your website is well coded, we will be ready for engagement and increase online visibility, that means more customers and better business.


 If you or your organization needs to create an on-line strategy, e-commerce, website or social media development you are very welcome to contact me for a free quotation.



“Enrique made a good job with the website and the result is that we have more clients in our restaurant in Edinburgh, LaSaL. In my opinion is very important not only having a website but knowing how to spread the information in Facebook, Twitter or Blog to reach more customers. We have the right tools and we learnt from Enrique how to use them and is really easy to be in contact with clients.”

Carlos Pedrero

Owner, Lasal Restaurant

“I am absolutely thrilled with the website Enrique created for my business. Before I met Enrique I was a beginner when it came to social media and the internet. I found it daunting to begin with but he took me through everything slowly so that I would understand. Thanks for your patience with me! It has a made a big difference to our business being able to communicate with our current customers via our website and to help potential customers get a feel for the Canny Man’s. Due to Enrique’s professional manner and attention to detail I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone looking to promote their business through the internet or social media. Thanks for all your help Enrique it’s greatly appreciated.”

Mark Kerr

CEO, Pub Canny Mans

Daniel Lopez

Director, Diatomaceous Earth Europe LTD

I am happy with my website because for me is very important the feedback of the visitors and they say “Lluisa your website is friendly”. When people surf my web, they tell me how easy is to find and understand the information, my message. The design and the colours of my website remind you well-being and that’s the idea I wanted as a Pilates instructor. Enrique created a wordpress blog from where I update new content and from I can engage with people. At the beginning I was a bit worry about if is would be difficult to use a blog but now I can say that I feel very comfortable with that tool and I learn day by day more things to improve my website and my blog.

Lluisa Pilates

CEO, Pilatesone2one

Estamos satisfechos con el servicio tan directo que nos ha dado Enrique, haciéndonos ver la importancia de ampliar el horizonte de  nuestro negocio en internet. Hemos dado a conocer con nuevas herramientas tecnológicas nuestros nuevos servicios a los clientes ya existentes y hemos ampliado nuestro horizonte a futuros nuevos clientes. Si requerimos de sus servicios nuevamente, tanto de diseño web como de posicionamiento en buscadores, contactaremos con él sin duda. Atentamente José Luis.

José Luis Alandi

Gerente, Cig S.A

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